Tips for Planning a Light and Airy Wedding


April 2, 2022

Do you love the light, airy, bright look for weddings? Are you a fan of crisp whites and all things elegant and timeless? Here are all the secrets to having a Pinterest-worthy light and airy wedding. And guess what? It doesn’t require a $50,000 wedding budget!

Venues for a Light and Airy Wedding

The first step in having a light, bright and airy looking wedding is to choose a venue that can accommodate that. In order to get beautiful light and bright wedding photos is to choose a venue with plenty of natural light. Look for big windows and lots of them! Without natural light, photographers have to resort to artificial lighting, which tends to give off an orange color. These artificial lights remove the clean, crisp look and make light and airy photos very difficult to achieve.

Also, look for white or light colored walls, like light gray or beige. White or light walls act as a natural reflector of natural light and will help brighten to space.

Finally, look for a venue with covered, outdoor spaces. Your photographer’s preference will likely be to shoot many photos outdoors, since this is where we get clean, natural light. However, if it’s raining, shooting outside is less than ideal. Look for venues with overhangs or covered patios where you could do outdoor photos despite the weather. I’ve also used space under bridges or skyways in the city!

Avoid: Orange/tan brick walls, dark walls and ceilings, lack of windows or natural light

The Calhoun Beach Club wedding

Fireplace floral at Hutton House wedding

Capitol Room wedding bridesmaids

Choose the Right Attire

A light and airy wedding calls for a light and airy color palette! Select bridesmaids dresses and accent colors in pastel or neutral tones. Think light blue, pastel pink, lilac purple, navy or black. Pops of color here and there are great, but keeping your color palette light or neutral will help your photos look timeless and clean. Bright colors can actually reflect back on to your skin and cause problems in your photos.

Also, dress your groom and groomsmen in navy or black! I know this may seem strange, because I’ve told you to use light colors, but navy and black help contrast the bride and bridesmaids dresses and anchor your photos. These colors also look the most timeless and flattering on men. Light gray or tan suits frequently wash people out and cause your photos to lose definition.

Avoid: Orange dresses or flowers, dresses in bright tones (coral, hot pink), gray suits

Royal Golf Club wedding party

Hastings Golf Club wedding floral

Plan for Optimal Lighting

If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, bright sun creates very harsh light and shadows. This will make your photos look much more contrasted. Plan your outdoor ceremony later in the day, as close to sunset as possible. In Minnesota, it’s best to host outdoor summer wedding ceremonies around 4 or 4:30 PM. This still gives you plenty of time to celebrate with your guests afterward, but is still late enough for better lighting.

Also, if your indoor ceremony or reception space has windows, set up the room so the bride and groom face the windows. Most venues set things up so the windows are the backdrop for an indoor ceremony or the head table. However, this can make your photos hazy and backlit. This is challenging for a wedding photographer. Instead, if you can, configure the space so the focal points throughout the day face the windows instead of using them as a backdrop.

Avoid: Midday ceremonies, backlit ceremonies or head tables

Hutton House wedding ceremony


Your photographer and videographer’s shooting and editing style makes a big difference in getting those light and airy wedding photos. However, it’s not possible without a little help from your planning choices! Take these items into account when planning your day to get the aesthetic you love! For more wedding planning tips, check out my posts about Planning your Wedding Day Timeline and What Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer.

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