Tips for your Engagement Photos


June 29, 2020

Professional engagement photos are a somewhat new trend, but there’s a reason they have become to popular! Engagement pictures are a great way to practice being in front of the camera with your fiancé and your wedding photographer. They also provide you with more casual photos of you and your partner to frame in your home! For these reasons, I love engagement sessions just as much as the wedding day! In order to make the most of your engagement session, here are some preparation tips for your engagement photos and a timeline of when to complete this checklist!

Couple in casual outfits for fall engagement photos

One month before engagement photos

  • Choose your session location
  • Choose your outfits
    • There is an entire page dedicated to this in my Wedding Guide! I recommend two outfits for engagement photos: one casual and one formal. Typically, my brides wear a dress for one outfit and jeans and a top for the other. Ultimately, choose colors and tops that flatter you, and wear something that makes you feel confident!
  • Book a hair and makeup artist (optional)
    • Your engagement session can be a great time to do your makeup trial! This allows you to see how the makeup look will photograph, and elevates your makeup from your everyday. If you can swing it, professional hair and makeup will really make your engagement photos that much more special.

Couple snuggling for engagement photos at library

Two weeks before engagement photos

  • Get a haircut
    • Most people don’t love the look of a fresh haircut, so book an appointment for 1-2 weeks before your session to get a trim if you’d like.
  • Facial/skincare treatment
    • If you’re anything like me, you love to get pampered! Your engagement photos are a great excuse to get a facial so you have clear glowing skin for your photos.
  • Practice your hair & makeup (if you aren’t hiring a professional)

Engaged couple posing for engagement photos at Iowa State

The week before engagement photos

  • Paint your nails (or get them done!)
    • I highly recommend getting a manicure (and pedicure if you’d like!) before your engagement session. I love to feature your ring in photos, so your hands will be photographed!
  • Clean your ring
    • I love the look of a clean, sparkling ring for engagement photos! It’s actually very simple to clean your ring at home. Just fill a cup with lukewarm water and a tiny splash of dish soap. Then, drop your ring in and let it soak for a few minutes. After you remove the ring from the solution, you can gently scrub the ring with a clean toothbrush and watch it glimmer!
  • Iron/steam your outfits
    • Be sure to iron your outfits so they look clean and crisp for your photos.
  • Pack your outfits – don’t forget shoes and accessories like belts, jewelry, etc.!
    • You can come to your session wearing one outfit, but you will need to pack the second outfit. This is a super important step, and I often see couples forget items here! Be sure to pack your outfit in a garment bag so it doesn’t wrinkle. Also, remember to pack the shoes, jewelry, belt, or any other accessories you will need!
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