Why you Need a Second Photographer at your Wedding


February 17, 2021

The Basics of a Second Photographer

A second photographer (also referred to as a second shooter) is an additional photographer that assists and photographs at your wedding. They are usually a team member or contracted employee of your lead photographer. Many photographers include a second photographer in their packages (me included!) so you don’t need to hire two photographers. You hire the lead photographer and they will then coordinate with another photographer to assist with your day. Here are a few benefits to having a second photographer at your wedding!

Why you Need a Second Photographer at your Wedding

Multiple Angles

The second photographer can get another perspective during important, fleeting moments like your first look, walk down the aisle, and first dance. This will also help add variety to your gallery and guarantee that you get shots at your most flattering angles.

Variety in your Gallery

I’ll always have my second photographer on a different lens than me, so my couples get a variety of looks and composition in their final galleries. A second photographer at your wedding also helps to get creative shots. Usually, as the lead photographer, I’m focused on the “must have” wedding photos like formal portraits, the first kiss and a married couple, et cetera. However, I always give my second photographer free reign at the wedding to be creative and look for unique shots I may not have the opportunity to capture.⠀⠀⠀⠀

More Photos

Typically more photographers means more images! Since a single person can’t be two places at once, a second photographer will likely result in more images in your final gallery. More isn’t always better per se, but this relates to the previous point of more variety!

Insurance Policy and Emergencies

No one likes to think about the scary “what ifs” but sometimes it’s necessary! A second photographer is great for any emergency situation. Whether it be as simple as your lead photographer needing to go change their camera battery during speeches to the your photographer getting sick on the morning of the wedding, the second photographer provides a built-in backup plan for ensuring someone will be there with a camera in hand! A second photographer also means a second set of equipment should anything fail.

I hope this helps convince you to invest in a second photographer at your wedding. Check out my other helpful wedding planning tips on the blog for more planning advice!

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