Should I Wear a Wedding Veil?


April 12, 2021

As a wedding photographer, brides often ask me, “Should I wear a wedding veil for my big day?” My answer is yes. It’s always yes! Veils are a beautiful, classic accessory. There is only one day in your life that you get a chance to wear a veil! However, I have seen many brides wear a veil and regret it. They aren’t for everyone when it comes to style and convenience. If you are considering wearing a wedding veil, here are my do’s and don’ts for wedding veils to consider.

Tips for Wearing a Wedding Veil

  • DO buy a long veil! If you want epic veil shots like the one above, photographers need some length to work with. The “under the veil” shots only work well if the veil is big enough for your photographer to get underneath it with you. Go for a floor length or cathedral length for the best results
  • DO practice putting your veil in after your hair trial. You want to be sure the veil is secure and comfortable on your big day. I have seen so many brides ask their maid of honor to help with their veil on the big day, and it’s obvious that no one has ever done it before. Practice is important for a smooth and comfortable day!
  • DON’T wear your veil for wedding party or family portraits. This statement may be controversial, but I’ve learned this from years of watching frustrated brides. You’ll spend the whole portrait time stressing about people stepping on or pulling your veil. When your family and friends go to put their arm around you, they will unknowingly tug on your veil. It causes so much frustration and discomfort. I advise you to wait to put on the veil until right before your ceremony or just for bride and groom portraits.
  • DON’T spend a ton of money on a veil (unless you really want to). Veils can cost hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars, which seems silly for something you’ll wear for such a short period of time. Your wedding veil is a great opportunity for “something borrowed.” You can also always find them used or secondhand on Poshmark or Facebook Marketplace. You’re not going to wear it for more than a few hours, so spend your money elsewhere.

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