Personal Brand Photoshoot for Stationer


March 16, 2022

This personal brand photoshoot for Northern Vine Design might be one of my favorite branding photo shoots ever! Megan reached out to me about shooting some brand photos for her stationery business, and I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Not only did I get to photograph this beautiful, talented designer, but I also got to creatively capture her wedding invitation designs. It allowed me to combine my love of portrait photography with my wedding photography background.

We spent the majority of our session shooting head shots and lifestyle photos of Megan that she can use on her website and social media. Megan walked away with hundreds of great shots that all have a professional, cohesive look. Now, she can create an elevated, beautiful website to showcase her work. Plus, she has an array of gorgeous images of herself in action, along with samples of her work.

Personal Brand Photoshoot Tips

Megan did so many things right with her branding photos. She spent about a month prepping for her personal brand photoshoot, and it really paid off. She found the perfect mix of outfits – both casual and professional. Variety is key! She also had her makeup done professionally by the crazy talented Makeup by Mindie. Professional makeup is a game changer for making you feel confident and beautiful in front of the camera. Needless to say, Megan came to slay this shoot!

One of the keys to a great branding shoot is props! I always encourage clients to bring as many props that make sense. Typically, these are tools you use in your work. For Megan, that was her laptop, envelope samples, her portfolio, wax seals, and stamps. However, you can also pack more personal, fun props. This can also be things like hats, coffee mugs, notebooks, or other items you love that you can pepper throughout your social channels. Sometimes you have to show who you are in a personal brand photoshoot, not just what your business does.

Here are some of my favorites from my shoot with Northern Vine Design. Let me know what you think!

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