Why you Should Consider a Winter Wedding


April 18, 2023

As a Minneapolis wedding photographer, winter is my slowest time of year. It’s obvious why most couples prefer to avoid having their wedding in the winter months. It’s freezing, and the snow can disrupt travel plans for out of town guests. However, there are many benefits to having a winter wedding in the Midwest despite the cold!

Winter weddings are beautiful

Let’s start with the simplest reason. Winter weddings are gorgeous! With snow on the ground, you’ll be surrounded by white. This is not only beautiful, but it’s great for photos! As a winter wedding photographer, I can confirm that winter is one of the best times for shooting regardless of the weather. White is a clean reflector, so whether it’s sunny or not, you’ll have ideal conditions for good photos! Also, a winter wedding provides a cozy

Your favorite vendors and guests are available

Getting married in the winter means it’s off-season! You will find far less competition for wedding dates, so your top vendors are more likely to be available! Summer weddings typically require you to book your vendors 12-18 months in advance. However, winter weddings require far less lead time, and you will likely find much more availability!

Also, having a wedding in the summer often competes with your guests’ other summer plans (or other weddings!). On my wedding date in late June, my aunt and uncle had to decline invite to three other weddings on the same day! It was crazy. Often, your friends and family aren’t doing much in the winter besides hibernating at home, so it can be a fun time to give them something to look forward to!


Winter weddings are often cheaper than a wedding in the summer or fall. Most venues charge less for off-season dates, and vendors will occasionally offer discounts for their services in the winter when there is less demand. If you’re working with a tighter budget, a winter or off-season wedding is an incredible option.


Winter weddings are cold, yes. But they are also beautiful and offer many benefits throughout the planning process. If you decide to move forward with a winter wedding date, be sure to hire a winter wedding photographer who is experienced in shooting in the cold, snowy months.

Check out some of my favorite winter weddings and my tips for winter wedding photography!


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